Friday, 23 April 2010

When visited i was a little confused at where to go at first as they seem to be offering many services and products under one umbrella.
It's best to navigate to their services page first and then you have the VPN link on the right., they also have on the top left box of the page the SSH Privacy Tunnel & TriShell services.

Available Offshore VPN Privacy jurisdictions:

  • Netherlands

  • Luxembourg

  • Germany

  • Czech Republic

  • Hong Kong

  • U.S.A

What do trilightzone have to say about their product?

Our premium VPN solution is based on the next generation of VPN technology which will restore your privacy and anonymity in full with a few steps. Your real IP and information remains at all times invisible while using our services. The VPN software used, known as OpenVPN, is opensource which guarantees you use software with no backdoors and can be reviewed at any time you wish. We do not use the weak PPTP protocol or protocols which cannot handle hostile environments.

With our VPN solution you can turn any standard computer quickly into a secure and private medium to communicate. None of your applications will require separate configuration since they'll automatically use our offshore servers.

What else do they claim?

  • Everyone from any country can use these services.

  • Excellent for business, home and travelers who need a secure private encrypted line to communicate.

  • Your IP is never revealed remaining protected at all times while being anonymous in you're surfing.

  • Suited for virtually any use - companies, personal, finance, casino, gaming, secrecy, social networking ...

  • All your traffic is 100 % encrypted using the strongest methods available increasing your anonymity !

  • Professional 24/7 Support - no ticket or robotic approach !

  • High speed connections - year packages have UNMETERED bandwidth !

  • Easy setup and firewall/internal network friendly - operates in very hostile environments.

  • Accounts are protected by password authentication and unique certificates

  • Full protection against eavesdropping and other forms of attacks.

  • Ensuring 100 % privacy with no logs, surfing anonymously on the internet at all times.

  • Supports Skype and many other VOIP calling solutions.

  • Supported platforms include Windows, Linux and OSX (MAC).

  • OpenVPN is also known to work on Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD.

  • P2P Support.

  • Support for Proxies, Socks and solutions like Tor to increase your anonymous surfing and usage.

  • Excellent for streaming Audio and Video.

  • Excellent for anything requiring Low Latency.

  • For custom wishes like your own unique and private IP contact us too. If you wish to combine our services then we design a personal package and
    a personal price for you!

  • Prices for VPN Privacy Solution

    • 50GB each month / payment per 3 months : 30 Euro

    • 100GB each month / payment per 6 months : 50 Euro

    Unmetered bandwidth / payment per 12 months : 80 EuroPrices for VPN Privacy
    Solution in 2+ Countries

  • unmetered bandwidth / 2 countries : 150 Euro per 12 months

  • unmetered bandwidth / 3 countries : 210 Euro per 12 months

  • unmetered bandwidth / 4 countries : 260 Euro per 12 months

  • unmetered bandwidth / 5 countries : 300 Euro per 12 months

  • unmetered bandwidth / 6 countries : 320 Euro per 12 months

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